"You really think you can rip a baby from its mother's womb at nine months and its ok?"

HerzMariae 7 7
Aactor Robert Davi share his heartbreak about the cruelty of New York's new late-term abortion law.
He is very brave, God bless him
God bless Robert Davi!
It's not okay to kill a baby period. No matter what time of the pregnancy.
God bless you Robert Davi ,As you know this is a spiritual war going on , and people are position themselves ,in one side is the death deceiving and hell on the other side is Jesus ,the way the truth and life ,and heaven ,.Choose the right side for you
alex j
More power to Robert Davi for his stand against the latest and ultimate child abuse now enshrined in to New York's statutes. He is absolutely right when he asks."Where is the outrage"? No doubt the very persons who voted for the latest "women's rights" would be outraged if a born baby was maltreated to the extent an aborted baby is "ripped" from its mothers womb. Abortion is murder dressed up in … More