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"Catholic" Women's Lib (Real Catholic TV)

REAL CATHOLIC TV: 01-19-12...Men and women obviously have equal worth regarding the roles they play in family life, but their roles are different--and the absence of masculinity in the Mystical Body of Christ is definitely taking its toll.
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Forgot....There is also a Wonderful APP called "iPieta" , which has the everyday readings, the complete Bible in both English and Latin, the Feast Days, beautiful Prayers, the Imitation of Christ, the list is too long to mention.

There is a DAILY Latin Mass which is offered via the Internet by the FSSP in Sarasota, Fla. It begins a 9am. There is also an APP "IMass" for IPad & IPhone. It is really wonderful and the priest will always give a little homily during the weekday Masses. Just a little FYI 💒