Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party

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Catholic Church Used as Backstage for Transvestite Party Father Fernando Báez, dressed in yellow, of the parish in La Breña, Gran Canaria, Spain, offered his church as a backstage for participants … More
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So I suppose Father Baez will now be fast tracked to bishop?
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in ‘Abomination’: Priest poses with drag queens in sanctuary of Catholic Church.
InfoVaticana: (Fernando Báez) in a local television program came to deny the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of the Pino, venerated since 1481. “She has not appeared to anyone, not here, not in Fatima or in Lourdes not in no other part of the world”.
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Gloria.TV Noticias: Iglesia católica utilizada como camerino para la fiesta de travesti:

El padre Fernando Báez, vestido de amarillo, de la parroquia de La Breña, Gran Canaria, España, ofreció su iglesia como camerino para los participantes de un espectáculo de travestis llamado Gala Drag Queen de Telde. La abominación fue parte de las celebraciones en honor a San José y Nuestra Señora del … More
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Holy Cannoli
No Mercy With Thieves
Dear Father Ray,
Do you have banks in Italy? If so, would it not have been wise to deposit your money inside of a bank?

You don’t know how fortunate you actually are. If this burglary occurred in the States you would not merely have lost your money and valuables, the “scoundrels” would have destroyed your property including cabinets, chairs, bookcases and may have even … More
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