Eternal Damnation

Miss Maria 2
Michael Voris in The One True Faith :)
Christopher Maria: My brother, let me tell you what I see as hell. The Lord, compares, the life in our souls, like a tree. And those who end up, as the goats at judgement....are like brittle wood, ready for the fire. In other words, consider this. There are huge pockets of souls, that are so repulsive to the Lord, that there is nothing he can do for them, because these souls, hate God. They … More
Very sobering! There should be more sermons today on the topic of hell, it might give people pause to reflect on how they are living their lives.
The last remark about hell being a mercy of God for those who hate Him is very interesting - and I love the example he uses to illustrate this point.
I used to imagine that perhaps Heaven was filled with a brilliant and intense light that was excruciati… More