Francis Wants to Preserve Traditional Clothes, Traditional Songs

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Francis Wants to Preserve Traditional Clothes, Traditional Songs On his September 25 return flight from the Baltic republics, Francis said that the Lituanians in Argentina are eager to preserve … More
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli : We actually do wear togas at mass.
Holy Cannoli believes that we should not blame Erdogan for this but the Western regime politicians who would never do a similar thing in favor of the Church.

Why blame Erdogan? He is simply doing what he thinks is politically expedient for him to do. He's a Muslim. Who blames Erdogan for attempting to invigorate and appease the 5 million Muzzies who reside in Germany? Where is the relationship … More
I blame both politicians and moslems. They are both wrong.
Jim Dorchak
Whaaaaat.....? What did he say? And monkeys have tails in Africa who pick rubber from rubber trees.....
Holy Cannoli believes that the Church has to heed this advice, including traditional clothes and traditional songs.

I don’t have to remind that over time fashions change. For example beachwear that looked good 60 years ago (the man is measuring for modesty) would clearly NOT be appropriate today.

And what about men? Should men go back to the Roman days and wear
togas to mass, to work… More