VIDEO: Politicians can't defend the shocking abortion bill that would replace...

HerzMariae 5 3
satanic evil scum they are. Horrible wretch can't say anything but have a police officer try to deflect her ugliness.
Pro abortion people they give little thought ,about what is an abortion ,An abortion is the killing of a innocent ,defenceless ,human baby ,as simple as that .
those that dont say anything try to get around the question ,they are cowards
DIVIDE AND CONQUER, the pagans-satanists deceived many Irish to believe that legions of pedophile, kruel priests were abusing terribly, their children.
The truth is, overwhelmingly it is homosexual priests who are/were raping, abusing our Catholic young men.
Because, how kould the Irish satanists promote homosexual false marriage, after revealing how vile, destruktive homosexuals are?
Therefore … More