Donald Trump: “I never knew how dishonest the media was

AlexBKaiser 12 1
Journalist, “I’m going to change the subject again.”.... Trump: “In the meantime, I’m President and you’re not."
Joseph a' Christian
Unholy Cannoli writes, “ Look, Joey, what you fail to understand is that all things come from God, good as well as evil. St. Peter and Pope Francis both come from God. President Trump and the “Christian hating, Talmud false jews” in the media both come from God. We call bad things evil: when actually they are good and meritorious when we receive them coming from God’s hands: Shall there be … More
Holy Cannoli
Your taunting manner of writing, reveals that you are sadistic, especially if you truly believe that the person you are taunting has mental illness.

You decided to get in this rodeo, Joey. Don’t whine if the horse you picked decides to buck you and trample you into the ground.
1) False Francis is evil, an enemy of the Church. His … More
Joseph a' Christian
@laurelmarycecilia - If i remember korrectly, Trump brought in the Wall St. thieves from Goldman Sachs, the same ruthless creatures who substantially funded/ backed Hillary and her campaign. Both Trump and Hillary kissed the feet of the subversive, thiefs, Christian hating, Talmud false jews with dual US/False Israel citizenship. They deceptively call themselves: AIPAC.
Jesus was hated by this … More
Joseph a' Christian
@Holy Cannoli -Numerous Catholics have realized that False Francis is evil, an enemy of the Church. His blasphemies and his legion of destruktive homosexuals are reported on extensively right here on Gloria tv.
Are you awake? Are you sober? Are you too scared to face the tremendous amount of destruction that false heretical priests such as James Martin are causing? Are you so self centered, … More
Holy Cannoli
In these very difficult times, i end my statements with hope.
Repeatedly your have proven by your messages that they have been written by a deeply disturbed totally negative individual who will condemn anything or anyone who doesn’t fit into his illusions and his make beleive world. This includes President Trump, the Pope, Jews, anyone who is not Catholic etc. etc. etc. You would actually … More
haha, I'm king and you're not. What a jackass. I don't care either way. I hate the press. They are lying jews who hate Christians. They deserve much worse for the evil they continue to perpetrate.
Joseph a' Christian
@Holy Cannoli - A few weeks ago, you were telling a spanish speaking Catholic, to get back on his side of Gloria tv. This was bekause he disagreed with you.
Beware of your hypocrisy, and cowardice.
In these very difficult times, i end my statements with hope.
The world is dying. Yet, Christ is Life.
Holy Cannoli
Catholics support this repulsive bottom feeder.

Have you ever witnessed a toxic individual (aka: a spiritual vampire) labeled this way because they tend to suck the positivity out of you or bleed anyone they can reach emotionally dry? These are the kinds of people who always have something negative or pessimistic to say from the Pope to the President. It doesn’t matter to them. They never can … More
Joseph a' Christian
@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis This is how horrible the world has become, Catholics support this repulsive bottom feeder. At any other time ihistory, Trump would be used as an example by our Church leaders, of an extremely worldly example, of what a Christian is not.
We must remain truthful, even though Pelosi, Biden, the homosexuals Cooper & Lemon of CNN are vile, this does not make a pompous… More
to Joseph a' Christian........... you need to get up to speed re: Pres Trump and Wall Street and homosexuality and abortion. One of the reasons the establishment media is soooo against President Trump , is precisely because he holds position contrary to those interests.
Joseph a' Christian
How’s your gambling kasino profits Donnie? Your 5th, 6th or whatever “wife”? Your cut throat Wall St. gang? Your false jew convert daughter?
Donnie Trump, president of the Masonic, DisUnited States of homosexual fake marriage and murderers of infants.
Or as their anthem states, “home of the brave.”
Christ Is King, of we faithful.