Francis Takes Revenge On La Plata Archbishop

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Francis Takes Revenge On La Plata Archbishop Pope Francis has taken revenge on respected La Plata Archbishop Héctor Aguer who is known for his courageous and Catholic stances. First, Francis replaced… More
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Francisco se venga del arzobispo de La Plata
Francisco se ha vengado del respetable arzobispo de La Plata, Héctor Aguer, conocido por sus posiciones valientes y católicas. Primero, Francisco lo reemplazó tan rápido como pudo, con el devoto de Francisco, el arzobispo Víctor Manuel Fernández. Luego, ordenó a Aguer que abandonara inmediatamente la diócesis y que no permaneciera allí para su … More
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A formal procession with a monstrance bearing horseman dictates a formation of three horses walking abreast as a matter of form. This accident is the equestrian equivalent of not using a paten to protect the Holy Eucharist from falling to the ground during Communion.
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Jim Dorchak
I am an experienced horse rider. The saddle cinch was not tightened and the saddle slipped and almost slid under the horse. Watch the video closely. Jim
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When it comes to Jorge and Victor,“let’s not f**k around” “Bergoglio and Victor did and still does sh*t everyone”.
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False Francis is vile, an enemy of our Life Giving Lord, Jesus.
Almighty God please strengthen we faithful children of yours, to live kompletely for our Holy Saviour Jesus. Amen.
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Holy Cannoli
Don't blame me.
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