Man Eats Our Flyer Against Socialism

TFP Student Action 7 1
TFP volunteers traveled to Gettysburg College to alert students about the dangers of socialism and distribute flyers, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism. A large banner quoting Sir Winston Churchill was … More
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@mattsixteen24 imbeciles were also sent to ‘recreation’ camps by the, im certain your daddy wouldnt have survived without Winston..consequently you’d not be writing your stupid comments on GTV today without him
The heading is wrong. Should read: "Boy Chews On Our Flyer Against Socialism, But Is Not Competent Enough To Retain And Digest It. Poor Lad."
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Roberto 55
It is a sign of possession (eating a paper) or mental disease?
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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis How? He could of made peace with Germany and there would of been no WW2. Instead he went to war with them just as the international bankers told him to. He carpet bombed Dresden killing around 300,000 civilians within two days dwarfing the amount of total UK civilian deaths. He promised to free Poland and instead gave them over to the communist Soviet Union. … More
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Lord Winston Churchill was no more anti catholic than Pope Francis. Except he was a great man and a true leader.
Everything was good, except Winston Churchill was anti-Catholic. Why didn't they use a quote from the church?? Even their website has them:…