Livi: "I Was Jealous of the Priests Who Did Not Need to Say the New Rite”

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Every Rubric of the Old Rite Helps to Worship God Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former professor and dean at the Roman Lateran University spoke to very highly about the Traditional Latin Mass. … More
@DJRESQ Come to Switzerland to see what Masses they have in the Catholic Churches for carnaval.
One comment: The depiction of the "clown Eucharist" shown in the presentation is not a Catholic Mass. That photo was taken over 10 years ago at Trinity Episcopalian Church in NYC.…/more-details-on……/clown-eucharist…
While we pray for the restoration of the holy and sacred traditional rite, let us also pray that those offering the new rite (as well as those offering the traditional rite) do so with total reverence, intending to do what Christ's Church has always done: offering the body and blood, soul and divinity, of God's dearly beloved Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the Father, in atonement for our sins, … More
Stonka Ziemniaczana
Msr. Livi seems to be a major battering ram in capturing the catholic-based-minds.
Every point makes perfect sense. Very grateful to Monsignor Livi for discussing these differences that otherwise might not be understood for those "born and raised" in the N!O!