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Form Lost: These strange objects that look like over-dimensional earrings, are reliquaries that really should look like this (reliquaries pictured in the video). They contain relics of the two … More
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Dr Bobus
@Holy Cannoli. Abp Charlie Brown is a very, very good man. He worked for Cardinal Ratzinger in the SCDF, then later BXVI sent him to Ireland.

Perhaps he's too doctrinally oriented for this papacy.
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Sunamis 46
Fresno ca has a bishop?
Sunamis 46
Btw. Can anyone recommendt a catholic church in fresno
Sunamis 46
2.gender is total crazy und from the devil
3. god bless him-
4. it will get worse and we just can pray
Blessed Albania
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Holy Cannoli
Buddhist Vocation: “Charlie Brown”

Charlie Brown, really?
A nuncio (papal ambassador) is named Charlie Brown???
By any chance does Fr. Charlie Brown have a dog named…Snoopy?