Catholic priest says anal sex makes gay men more "receptive" to Jesus

AlexBKaiser 7
Video from 2016, read more here:…
Jim Dorchak
Former catholic priest
Can't someone show him a picture of the Devil and tell him that HE is the person whom he is serving. Better still, can't someone send out a search warrant & arrest him? Blasphemy is still a hate crime. Even the basest wretch on the planet is aware that Jesus Christ is pure - and that this sorry, pathetic wretch is a demonic ridden pervert, spouting his vain, filth like a blind, deluded, rambling … More
Roberto 55
He must see a psychiatrist for evaluation or (worse) he is possessed with very bad devil.
Dear Father, I think your place in hell will be very close to that of Judas. You both sold out Christ and His Chruch.
Sunamis 46
this so ugly, he will suffer in hell if he does not repent
Holy Cannoli
I don’t know how you find this stuff but this is a very good vid. (for illustrative purposes)
Predictably this soyboy speaker lies to himself trying to give “homo love” a religious spin hoping to influence his once religious audience who are likely now playing for the “other team” and are still seeking further … More