And now, for the weather...

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Beyond a doubt, the best weather video you will ever see. Wait for it!... More
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2000 clicks well done madam with the monkey on the back. In the past organ grinders were the only ones who carried monkeys to work.
@Jungerheld This reminds me of the perversion in the world and it disgust me. Sorry to rain on your parade.
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Awe, c'mon, @St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis, @mattsixteen24 - you're seeing the glass half-empty. I agree career moms are ridiculous. But there was a time when there was NO WAY an infant would be allowed to be seen this way. Ugh. You ruined my fun...
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Where’s the punchline? Otherwise a most boring video
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Career woman/mom. See how ridiculous it is. We live in a perverted society where women are told to find careers and not be full time moms.
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