Cardinal Cupich calls Excommunicated Senator Durbin

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21 Feb: Bishop Paprocki excommunicates Sen. Durbin for his pro-abortion voting record. 26 Feb: Cardinal Cupich calls Sen. Durbin to lobby for illegal immigrants. And has the conversation filmed. And … More

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Hugh N. Cry
Cardinals wear red to symbolize that they would be willing to shed their blood for the Church. Someone forgot to tell Cupich it's his own blood not those of the unborn.
Jim Dorchak
Is not calling Durbin like calling Satan and lobbying for more brim stone?
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...pretty stunning behavior. We are quickly moving in to greater and greater chaos. Thanks for posting.
Jim Dorchak
Another Blathering Idiot............. this one a homo!
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This Cardinal should leave the politics for politicians ,and be a real pastor to catholics
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