Vatican Engages in Dingy Propaganda

Gloria.TV News 4 2
Vatican Engages in Dingy Propaganda, the obsequious Vatican news webpage, published last week a propaganda report about the "Nuns on the Bus" and an interview with their founder, Sr. … More
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paul grech
It is interesting to notice that Bergoglio did not offer Asia Bibi asylum in the Vatican either.
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@aderito she’s not safe in UK as much as in Pakistan. There are honour killings happening in the UK, and acid attacks. Why put her in a situation where her life is at risk? It’s therefore a wise choice “not to allow her to live in the UK” (officially, who knows, she might very well be allowed in quietly with no fanfare) in any case, theres plenty of other western countries
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A bunch of cowards
these polititians ,is every body afraid of the Pakistan muslims ,? also because she is catholic. what is pope Francis going to do ?. why doesn,t he plea for a country to take her and her family
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PF is likely delighted with the Chicom deal. An increase in the faithful and prayerful Chinese Christians exposes the emptiness of Chinese Communism, which PF must see as an attack on his core atheistic values.
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