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Lift the City - a Catholic Eucharistic flash mob

A Eucharistic flash mob in the centre of Preston, organised by the Capuchin Franciscans on Ascension Thursday 2011. A small team of Catholic evangelists mingled with the crowd to hand out cards and … 더보기

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J'aime beaucoup !
@haran : It happens at every sacrifice of the Holy Mass at every Catholic Church - " Kneel before Him,for He is Lord,Our God" - the call of Prophet of old rings through till this very day,especially today when the sophisticated minds in Wesern Europe ( German Scholars,Journalists) are talking about all religions being equal and are presenting Jesus as mere prophet. It starts with Catholics … 더보기
This is wonderful, if only this could happen in all towns and cities - Preston, was Priest Town - a great centre of English Catholicism, and the city I studied in (when it still but a town).
Holy Cannoli
Faith comes by hearing

This was said/written long before there were books. If today most of us had to depend on what we hear (at mass or in the middle of a busy shopping center, for example) to maintaiin our faith, I'm afraid we wouldn't have much faith at all.

5:15 - 5:25 ...Faith comes by hearing
I would in now way doubt that Our Lord can touch souls in whichever manner or circumstances that He sees fit, but the points about the correct and reverant treatment of the Blessed Sacrament remain. They exist for a reason and should be followed. Like I said, I in no way doubt the zeal and intentions of these friars, they obviously have the best intentions, but the reverant treatment of the Holy … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
The Novus Ordo way

The Traditional way

We live in a time where there is widespread insensitivity for the sacred in our culture—and obviously in our parishes. Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
An ordinary traditional Catholic who has had enough of the lack of respect and reverence that has repeatedly been shown (as in this video) toward my King.
I was part of this wonderful experience and believe me Jesus was truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and also in each and every one of us who took part. He touched our souls and we felt His Joy, His Peace and His Love. May He touch your soul today as he did to all of us on that wonderful day. A Proud Catholic Prestonian
While this idea is obviouly well intentioned I think that it is poorly thought out and executed. Its also worth remembering that there are clear guidelines for the exposition and procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament that it is vitally important to follow. I am also quite sure that necessary permissions are needed from the diocesan ordinary and canons that stipulate the exact paramteres tobe … 더보기
May God bless this Franciscain.
Too beautiful for words. And that is Jesus. Pax†
The Brown and White St. Bernard formerly known as Holy Cannoli...
Holy Cannoli
How wonderful!

Franciscan Novus Ordinarians, eliminating many of those overdone traditional solemnities and employing the higher mathematics of their brilliant minds, have decided that it is perfectly permissible to transport the Blessed Sacrament in what looks to be a cheap gym bag typically used to carry t-shirts, shorts, and smelly sweat socks. Welcome to the New Springtime ™

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What a wonderful way to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi!!!
Thank you
Ah! Not to worry man!
Holy Cannoli

What I wrote was an hypothetical not based on actual facts. However, it seems reasonable to me that after the first time the "give witness" folks would have decided that, as in all forms of advertising (if I may be so mundane), the key is a consistent message and, more importantly repetition.

So, (again, sorry for the poor metaphor) if the product here is selling a certain religious belief… 더보기
@ Cannoli - I am with you on this! Ok, it went well the first time; why o why did they go ahead with mulitiple appearances?

Too much of a good thing a good for nothing!!! (Imagine having chocolate bonbons everry day, 12hrs/day for a week!! OR the EF high Mass 4x daily for a week!! All just too much of a good thing ....)
Holy Cannoli
The Law of Unintended Consequences

Unintended consequences (sometimes unanticipated consequences or unforeseen consequences) are outcomes that are not the outcomes intended by a purposeful action.


Seeing that it went so well the first time, the Franciscan Novus Ordo Establishment decided to hold their “Eucharis… 더보기
Surprenant ! mais à part la façon un peu rapide de ranger Notre Seigneur dans le cartable, je trouve cela très émouvant, nous avons besoin du Bon Dieu !
Damascus Route
The Franciscain here is a doer, I salute him. Not like myself sat behind my computer when I could be out spreading the good word just like him.
It might be that Preston is a Catholic stronghold and that Preston does not hold a very large muslim community, it still takes guts.
What I specifically admire here is the simplicity and the depth of the celebration. It's what Jesus is asking of us … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
There is a divergence of opinion here which is fine. We are living in the "New Springtime" so nearly anything goes.

I have no disagreement regarding the point of "giving witness." At the same time, are there any limits? Will someone say mass on the beach to "give witness"? Will someone say mass in the forest to "give witness"? Will someone have their wedding underwater in SCUBA gear or … 더보기
This is Preston up North in Lancashire.... staunch Roman Catholic Britain.
Sadly, this has become less and less true.... I think this was well done and rather needed at this time.

Is the host used here consecrated, I wonder????
Awesome beauty! Jesus says reach out to all humanity what a great way to reach out today just as Jesus himself walked the streets in his hiddeness and reached out to all. Much beauty. 더보기
Holy Cannoli,

This is definitely unusual, but I look at this differently. I think this is a very good thing. These people are giving witness in the public square like we all should. I think this is done very tastefully. There is nothing profane about it.
Holy Cannoli
Does this spectacle create more reverence for the Eucharist or not?

My personal feeling is that, although the Franciscans are very likely well meaning, the public show is ill-conceived, inappropriate, and in no way does it create more reverence for the Eucharist. What is gained by profaning what ought to be regarded as a solemn and sacred presentation of the Holy of Holies? Yet, this kind of … 더보기
Absolutely wonderful! This is really bringing Christ back to the lost Sheep. More please. I know the people of Britain want and need Him again.