Know Mary to Know Jesus - May 15 - Homily - Fr Matthias 6 1
In the homily on the Gospel for today (Tuesday 7th Week of Easter, May 15), Fr Matthias explains that one of the reasons Jesus is not known as He should be is that His Mother is not sufficiently … More
6. During the 1934 Holy Year of Redemption, Pius XI repeats the Co-redemptrix title during the Lenten commemoration of Our Lady of Sorrows. L’Osservatore Romano reports the pontiff’s remarks to Spanish pilgrims on that occasion: The Pope notes with joy that they have come to Rome to celebrate with him “not only the nineteenth centenary of the divine Redemption, but also the nineteenth … More
1. The first official use of Co-redemptrix comes on May 13, 1908, in a document by the Congregation of Rites.

2. The Congregation of the Holy Office (currently, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) is the next congregation to use the term. On June 26, 1913... the official document signed by Cardinal Rampolla states: “There are those Christians whose devotion to the most favored … More
Joseph a'Christian: No, God was not in need of one of His creatures but He freely made Himself depenent of the cooperation of His creatures. "Jesus could not do many miracles because of their unbelief." (Mark 6, 5-6). (Although Jesus was Almighty...). And yes, you are right, Jesus is the only way to the Father. Mary does nothing but bringing people to Her Son and giving her Son to the people. … More
Joseph a' Christian
@petrus100452 - "Mary is our Coredemptrix. Without Mary we would not even had a Redeemer." Your error here is thinking that Almighty God was in need, of one of His kreations. Mary was virtuous only through the blessings of Almighty God.
Christ, one with Almighty God is our Savior, Jesus stated this, He Is the ONLY WAY to the Father.
Dear Joseph a'Christian, of course Mary is our Coredemptrix. Without Mary we would not even had a Redeemer. It has nothing to do with perceiving Mary as a godess or the fourth Person of the Trinity. It has all to do with Mary's (and our) cooperation in the Work of Redemption. Since Mary was without sin, She cooperated in a perfect way and She can rightly be called our Coredemptrix. Together with … More
Joseph a' Christian
Co-Redeemer? No. Many are falling for the sakrilege that the Holy Virgin is a goddess, or some how, the fourth being of the Holy Trinity. This is another of the numerous attaks against our true Faith.
We must keep our fokus on our Christ, the Holy Word.
Jesus teaches us boldly: I the Lord Jesus, I Am the SINGULAR WAY TO ALMIGHTY GOD!
Mary, a pure and holy kreation, intervene for we faithful, ask … More