The situation of the one who is not the Messiah

Father Reto Preaches 6 12
13th of December 2015 Father Reto Nay More
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Holy Cannoli mentioned this post in I did a quick analysis of the video posted 6 years ago and the video that was filmed 8 months ….
Roy D'Oliveiro
God bless you Father! Just love to listen to sermons.
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Dear Father Reto,
I'm dying of thirst please can we have more English preaching videos.
God bless and hope you are well.
Mrs L O'Brien
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God Bless You father Reto Nay...God Bless for that Gospel
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Harmonia celestiala
It is good to know that we always need the Messiah. Thank you for remember us in this homily.
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Thank you Father Nay
Thanks be to God
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Thank you.
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