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..In the near future, the Catholic Church has joined with other western religions in an ecumenical movement that has washed out much of the original message of the true religion. A group of Irish … More

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This movie was based on the 1972 novel by Brian Moore, in which he imagines how a future Irish monastery must come to terms with the "Fourth Vatican Council," which renounces the doctrine of transubstantiation. The movie "Blackrobe" was also based on one of his novels, in which French missionaries to Canada struggle with their own faith. Although Brian Moore was raised Catholic in Belfast, he … More
This film really captures the crisis in the Church today. It is about the deposit of Faith handed down by the Apostles, Church Fathers, and Popes throughout the centuries. The Tridentine Mass is the unchanging liturgy: ancient, holy, and reverent. The "dark night" that the Abbot experiences toward the end of the movie had plagued many saints. But we can always turn toward the Tridentine Mass for … More
The Catholic Church never said that the Mass is not a miracle, an that is a simple prayer! She never said that the bread and the vine will not be transformed in Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!
Obedience is nothing without Truth.

We shall fear God and not man - therefore our obedience must be to the Truth (in first order), not to man.

Amen, Amen, Amen. How much tears do I have to let flow on my checks in order to express my joy of being a Catholic? May the Tradition of the church be back.
O.K. its movie time!!!!!!!!!!!
In this story it would be totally understandable if all the munks would resign their status and leave their life as munks. Same happend to thousands of young men resigning their priesthood.

Essentially the film tells me that it is all about of meaning, traditional meaning of the holy things. All other things like celibacy etc. are not at the center. All is about meaning. Therefore it is so … More
35:46 What does the mass mean nowadays? What does it mean?
"with the priest and the people facing the altar, facing God, you can say." (min 19:18) In this direction we could say that the community faces the sacrifice of Jesus Christ himself on the cross.
Great, thanks for sharing!


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Nancy Krebs
This trailer makes me want to see the whole movie! I wonder where I might find it? I 'll try our video stores! Any suggestions?