Ratzinger Is not a Solution to the Present Problems

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All The Popes Since Vatican II Had Sympathies for Neo-Modernism Talking to, Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Roman Lateran University, pointed out that all popes … More
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GChevalier mentioned this post in Msgr Livi on Pope Francis, His Promoting of Heretics and of a Lutheran Reform.
michael f
Sadly almost all traditional Catholic clergy are going along with this apostasy being lead by the popes since the confusing instructions of Vatican two, the present pope Francis has his foot fully on the throttle of apostasy.
Holy Cannoli
Mons Livi's calls into question Joseph Ratzinger’s theology and that he wrote with a neo-Protestant influence and opposed the old Scholastic theology. Livi then questions the term “modern man” saying that it is an artificial construct and that the term does not reflect reality but has simply been created by newspapers or the media. Mons Livi concludes by criticizing VCII saying that it has been … More
Sadly I feel compelled to add that it was none other than Pope Pius XII who appointed Bugnini who systematically destroyed the liturgy. Even good traditional popes can get sucked into the vortex of modernism.
Don Reto Nay
It is very good that Monsignor Livi does not only say what is wrong but also what the solution is since he points out that "modern" theology is sentimental (existential, "personal", human, subjective, feeling) while a solid theology is objective, rational, verifiable, knowing. "Modern thought" prefers feeling to knowing. But behind every feeling there is a truth, and not knowing or not even … More
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P. O'B
Be sympathetic to Neo-Modernism, get canonized. Interesting formula.
The major and crucial difference between Francis and the other Conciliar Popes is that we are no longer being subjected to the "boiled frog syndrome" (i.e. the attempt to conceal Modernism with orthodox-sounding language, so that the multitudes are not aware of the incremental destruction taking place). With Francis, it is perfectly clear that we are being boiled...and destroyed...
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Jim Dorchak
Ahhh modern men are Idiots is what the church thinks today. Maybe they are right.
I get tired of hearing people say that if only Benedict was back or JPII, etc, things would be better. All the Vatican II popes were modernists. They only differed in degrees. The only solution is for the Church to once again become Catholic, which it currently isn't.
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Dr Bobus
1. He was the first with any authority to challenge the myth that the documents of Vat II had dropped down from heaven and that Abp Lefebvre was diabolic.

2. He challenged the liturgical reform, saying it was a mess. He also insisted that the loss of Latin and the introduction of versus populum celebration were the cause of serious difficulties in the Church.

3. He also insisted that detente … More
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Holy Cannoli
As usual, in this interview and in numerous other publications, Monsignor Antonio Livi, goes into great detail describing the many problems within the Church (which we all have known) but offers zero solutions to those problems.

Mons Levi writes that Ratzinger Is not a Solution to the Present Problems

Tell us, Mons Livi, in practical terms, what ARE the solutions to the Present … More
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