Is Cremation Allowed?

mike084 6 1 Is cremation permissible for Catholics? I can remember a time when burial was the only acceptable option but cremation seems to be increasingly permitted in Catholic … More
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Libor Halik
Zrádce Církve Jan XXIII. začal dovolovat pohanskou kremaci. Sám se tím dostal do klatby a nejpravděpodobněji dnes i proto v pekle navěky trpí.
@Vendee Had a neighbor who was Catholic, his wife willed to be cremated, I explained what the Church taught re: Christ’s ressurection etc. Find out later, he too was cremated. The family was far from being poor. In cases like this, it is poor catechesis, which they never learned and or didn’t care enough. Years ago I remember that when a family was living in poverty, the church would pay for … More
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For poor people burials can be exorbitantly expensive.
Cremation; An affront to Almighty God
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Cremation is a pagan ritual.
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