Cardinal Abuses Bible to Promote Illegal Mass-Immigration

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No Case for Mercy Because Media Would Not Approve Pope Francis is about to decide the fate of 70-year-old Luis Fernando Figari, the founder of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, an Opus Dei-like … More

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Vered Lavan
Kilauea-Volcano in Hawaii throws out green gemstones (Peridot) !!: Kilauea Hawaii, Olivin-Edelsteine ausgestoßen und Ausbruch geht weiter!
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(EN) Your country is waste, your cities burnt with fire; Your land before your eyes strangers devour (a waste, like Sodom overthrown) -
Isaiah 1,7

(IT) Il vostro paese è devastato,
le vostre città arse dal fuoco.
La vostra campagna, sotto i vostri occhi,
la divorano gli stranieri;
è una desolazione come Sòdoma distrutta.
Isaia 1,7… More
Holy Cannoli
Cardinal Abuses Bible to Promote Illegal Mass-Immigration (read: invasion)
Poor innocent young minors. Look into their young eyes and how can you deny them? If this happened in the US, some lib judge would rule that the ship could dock. All those poor children, stuck on that ship. What a shame.
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