Gloria.TV News on the 28th of May 2013

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To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News Internet On Monday the Vatican Secretariat of State issued a tweet saying: “Intolerance against Christians, especially in the name of ‘tolerance’, … More
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Holy Cannoli
Thanks for the news, Doina.


Q. What do vacationing Swiss cows think about


To the linked interview in the last part:

"... He's a good guy who was chosen by the Lord, to tell the Mexican clergy and bishop, that because of the terrible abortion law - adopted in Mexico City in 2007 - they need to do an act of restitution, because Our Lady is offended - otherwise Mr. Engel will not be freed ... "
Then the success of the exorcism is all over to the Mexican clergy –

The … More
El Papa hizo una oración de liberación sobre Ángel. Esta es su experiencia de este hombre casado, mexicano:
Ángel dice que se encuentra mejor, que el rezo del Papa le ha hecho mucho bien..."Pero aún tengo los demonios dentro, no se han ido".
Esos 4 demonios le atormentan desde 1999. Aquí narra cómo empezó todo:…/1369599616.html
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