The Real Truth About Homosexuality

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This is a presentation of the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, specifically on Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Family. Given by Fr. Michael Rodriguez.
holyrope 3 mentioned this post in Fr. Michael Rodrigues so wonderfully spoke on this subject. God bless and protect this ….
Saint John Chrysostom denounces homosexual acts as being contrary to nature. Commenting on the Epistle to the Romans (1: 26-27), he says that the pleasures of sodomy are an unpardonable offense to nature and are doubly destructive, since they threaten the species by deviating the sexual organs away from their primary procreative end and they sow disharmony between men and women, who no longer … More


Statement Of The Catholic Medical Association

Sex and the Catholic View with Monica Breaux Our contemporary culture is inundated with sexual messages, sexual images, sexual behavior, and sexual license. But did you know that current scientific research validates the wisdom of Church teaching on human sexuality in … More