The Traditional Latin Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass in Austin Texas St. Mary's Cathedral in 2008. A look at the Latin Mass.

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The Latin Mass is the TRUE and HOLY Mass. Evidently, they say the new mass at this church as the table is there for it. Why aren't they saying the Latin Mass at the HIGH ALTAR, where it's suppose to be?
I'm a convert too, and this is the expression of Catholicity that I converted for. Thanks for posting this, its beautiful.
When a religion loses its traditions, it loses most of itself. Catholic identity is very important to me since I was a protestant before and thought it was not too good to copy protestant practices and music when we had lovely traditions and music of our own. I do not feel at home in the new rite as I do in the old rite. I think the newer versions are too watered down and appear to be more protestant than Catholic.