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A New Hermit in America USA Father George David Byers has begun his life as a hermit. Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis of Charlotte, North Carolina, has granted him permission to be a hermit on one of the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Fr Byers is a … [More]

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Emanoel aslan

“Do on Earth the will of our Heavenly Father. For I saw eyes that asked, even though hey never said a thing."

Father Airton Freire, founder of the Earth Foundation, in the community known as Trash Street in Arcoverde, state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

The social work carried out by Father Airton started two years after his ordination, when he met the community of Trash Street and was profoundly touched by what was happening in that community at the time, where extreme poverty reigned …
Are Newly Uncovered ‘Christian Relics’ Actually Fakes?
Within the span of just one week, a Bedouin’s discovery of 70 metal books in a long-forgotten cave has gone from history-altering to rubbish. What many believed could have been the earliest Christian writings in existence are now believed by some to be fakes.…
According to at least one Oxford scholar, debunking the mysterious books’ authenticity was simple. After viewing images of the relics, … [More]
Reginald Smith
Thank-you Traditional Catholic.
'Average Speed' works just fine. The pauses have been annoying for some time now.

Now when is that drive-through confessional coming to Canada? Not that I sin or anything, but it would help out my priest. (We're great sinners here.)
Traditional Catholic

I have a highspeed DSL connection and I have noticed recently when trying to watch Gloria.TV in high quality that there is a lot of stops because of buffering. But when I choose the average quality viewing option I can watch it uninterrupted. For me the resolution does not matter as long as I get the news reports uninterrupted. Are you having bandwidth issues?
Australian bishop resigns after diocese abuse scandals
VATICAN CITY, April 4, 2011 (AFP) - - Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Australian bishop Michael John Malone, the Vatican said on Monday, following child abuse scandals in his Maitland-Newcastle diocese.
"The Holy Father Benedict XVI has accepted the renunciation of pastoral authority in the diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in Australia presented by Monsignor Michael John Malone," the Vatican said in a statement.
Malone has … [More]
ACL-!Por lo menos te hago reír!
@IRA - Teehee.... your Iberian disposition is quite evident here dear. I did not say that the Pontiff "does not listen to the Holy Spirit". Do not imply that which was not said and is not there...... The entire process is the Pontiff's responsibility. BUT!!! The Congregation for the Propagation of the Causes of the Saints is governed by others...... Roman bureaucracy is not as non-saecular as one would hope of a Christian Institution!
ACL:Do you really believe that His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI does not listen to the Holy Spirit??????????
JPII - As I did say when all this "Sancto Subito" nonsense came out: Holy Mother Church has always moved with utter gravissimo when deliberating anything as sacred and important as, 1. Dogma, 2. Changes in the interpretation of the Depositum Fidei , 3. Saints, 4. Revelations, etc..... Rather like the reformation of the Liturgy that is going on; slow, efficacious and lasting, rather than quick and effemeral! Better to be thorough than embarassed I say. Leave emotion behind, and move with the … [More]
Vatican: Assisi Event a Pilgrimage, Not Syncretistic

Notes Elements Holy Father Proposes for Reflection

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 3, 2011 ( There is need to enter into dialogue with everyone, regardless of religious faith, and without sacrificing one's own identity or indulging in syncretism, a statement from the Vatican press office affirmed in regard to Benedict XVI's upcoming pilgrimage to Assisi.
A statement Saturday from the press office addressed plans for the Oct. 27 day of refle… [More]
Mother Therese of JesusFoundress of the Allentown Carmel
Carmelite Nuns of the Ancient Observance
Coopersburg, PA
“I would not miss Holy Communion for anything in the world.”
Words spoken by Mother Therese while very ill,
and just shortly before her death.

Mother Therese ~ Foundress
AS OUR STORY unfolds, it will be readily understood that Mother Therese was indeed a very remarkable character and it is likewise true that once you met and spoke with her you could not easily forget either her or … [More]
... the United States has relied on large immigrant populations to offset decreases in births.

Debt and the Birth Dearth

A number of important trends were revealed by the latest Census data, but none more important than the dynamic between demographics, economics, and morality. Yet the connection between the birthrate and American debt has been overlooked, in part because the nearly 10 percent increase in U.S. population from 2000 to 2010 hides the underlying drop in birthrate to … [More]