Bergoglio attacked the dogma of the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Bergoglio Suggests Mary Did Not Intend to Be ‘Ever Virgin’…/pope-francis-su…
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Bergoglio must not know his history nor the teachings of the Catholic Church. Or maybe he does know his history and teachings but chooses to contradict them for personal reasons. One more reason to hold steadfast dear Catholics and pray the rosary.
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Well then God could just have been satisfied with Eve from the beginning and forget about all this mankind business forget about act of
mercy and keep it just be the God of judgement. This guy is a Satan’s advocate what’s sad people are believing him as he is the one whom scratching their itchy ear to feel comfortable as the Lord warned in (2 Timothy 4:3).
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CALLATE BERGOGLIO. Que Dios te reprenda.
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The Infallible Teaching of the Church
“If anyone does not properly and truly confess
in accord with the holy Fathers, that the holy Mother of God and ever virgin and immaculate Mary in the earliest of the ages conceived of the Holy Spirit without seed, namely, God the Word Himself specifically and truly, who was born of God the Father before all ages, and that she incorruptibly bore [Him], her … More
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En el año 649 en el Concilio de Letrán se llevó a cabo la solemne definición del dogma de la Virginidad Perpetua de María:

“Si alguno, de acuerdo con los Santos Padres, no confiesa que María Inmaculada es real y verdaderamente Madre de Dios y siempre Virgen, en cuanto concibió al que es Dios único y verdadero -el Verbo engendrado por Dios Padre desde toda la eternidad- en estos últimos … More
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