World Over - 2018-08-16 – The Clerical Abuse Crisis, Liz Yore and Brad Miner with Raymond Arroyo

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The latest on the clerical abuse crisis from the viewpoint of the laity with LIZ YORE, attorney and child advocate, and BRAD MINER, senior editor of The Catholic Thing.
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EWTN is a whitewashed tomb. They are a company of creatures too comfortable to state the truth. They still kall the blasphemer Bergoglio- “Holy Father.”
Jesus Is Truth.
Solution: laity withhold Sunday collection until priest-abusers and complicit bishops are removed; report suspect priest-abuser to civil authorities (this a criminal not a church issue); and implement excellent recommendations by PA -Attorney General (I wonder if he is Catholic):
-Grand Jury investigations
-Define scope of problem
-Finger those abusers who commit crimes
-Lift statute of limitati… More