World Over - 2018-08-16 – The Clerical Abuse Crisis, Liz Yore and Brad Miner with Raymond Arroyo

The latest on the clerical abuse crisis from the viewpoint of the laity with LIZ YORE, attorney and child advocate, and BRAD MINER, senior editor of The Catholic Thing.
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EWTN is a whitewashed tomb. They are a company of creatures too comfortable to state the truth. They still kall the blasphemer Bergoglio- “Holy Father.”
Jesus Is Truth.
Solution: laity withhold Sunday collection until priest-abusers and complicit bishops are removed; report suspect priest-abuser to civil authorities (this a criminal not a church issue); and implement excellent recommendations by PA -Attorney General (I wonder if he is Catholic):
-Grand Jury investigations
-Define scope of problem
-Finger those abusers who commit crimes
-Lift statute of limitati… More