Pope: Gay Pride Is an “Offence” and “Affront”

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Gay Pride in Rome – Pope Francis Goes Into Hiding Last Saturday, a Gay Pride March took place in Rome while the local well-nourished prelates, including Pope Francis, went into silence and hiding. … More
Holy Cannoli
Don Reto
That dancing individual is simply a German Protestant who did the same celebratory dance when he found out that he could officially receive communion in Catholic Churches. He may offer to teach his unique talents to Catholics in some form of special ‘liturgical dance’ RCIA.
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: What does the dancing gentleman's regular occupation? Is he a bishop who in this video rehearses a liturgical dance?
Whatever the % of homosexuals, however tired we may become of seeing & reading about their deviant & sinful living, people must not sit back because some say their numbers are small or for whatever reason. The truth is, the contamination will continue to increase due to our silence. How often does it need repeated that the homo agenda is Everywhere.. open childrens books in your local library, … More
I too am sick and tired of seeing commercials and Macy's flyers with gay themes. Getting my haircut the other day and noticed they had a soap opera on TV with two gay men kissing each other. I fear over time young minds will become desensitized to this abomination. The gay mafia has infultrated the Catholic Church. And no, one is not born or predisposed to be gay. That is a fallicy. There are … More
Holy Cannoli
Gays here, gays there, gays everywhere.
Is anyone else tired of hearing about all this “gay news”?

They’re here, they’re queer and they, unfortunately, have been a part of the Catholic Church for decades. Priests openly march with their lovers in so called “gay parades” promoting pride in sodomy. Some Bishops and even our Pope slobber over gays at every opportunity without so much … More
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If it's not about defending the devil, they don't care. They are satanic infiltrators that must be destroyed.
A la gente se le ha olvidado que un PORTERO no es el DUEÑO del Palacio sin embargo los bergoglianos tratan al usurpador (Bergoglio) del Portero (BENEDICTO) como si fuera dueño de la Iglesia y pudiera hacer lo que le de la gana con ella. Esos tales al no ser fieles al dueño del Palacio sino al USURPADOR DEL PORTERO son apostatas e idolatras servilistas que van rumbo al infierno junto … More