Jerusalem, Jews and the hypocrisies of evangelicals

Lisi Sterndorfer 3
A Christian pastor who said Muslims and Jews are going to hell, spoke at the opening ceremony of the American embassy in Jerusalem. Learn more about the hypocrisies of evangelicals who defend Trump … More
So what's your point? Didn't Obama claim to be a Christian even though his very name, background, and behavior point to Islam? Who is the real hypocrite? Oh, and by the way I am not a Trump apologist.
Jim Dorchak
I find her OFFENSIVE in her condescending attitude and un holy mockery of Christians in General. Stupid liberal preaching to people she has no right to preach to.
Joseph a' Christian
"The Church is a virgin, the bride of one Spouse, Who is Christ, and this Church does not allow herself to be violated by any error; so that, throughout the whole world there may be for us one uncorruptedness of a single chaste communion." - Pope St. Leo
Therefore, do not name this protestant pastor of the devil a Christian.