Ex-gay: Homosexuality is a Sin

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Adam Hood, a straight man who was formerly gay, believes strongly that homosexuality is a sin.
Homosexuality is Sinful!
Yes the Bible is so clear, i think he have never really read everypage on the bible.
Just think about who was the first kids of Adam and Eve ? it was two boys called Kai and Able.
The church try to fight homosexuality, but if you look at the animal wildlife you see also there homosexuality. so what means this ? the church are to afraid and just by the way i have great parents and oncles nothing … More
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We must love homosexuals, but we must also let them know that inner healing is possible. I think homosexuality comes mostly from, as it was said in the video, problems with one of the parents and sexual abuse.
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true fatherlessness is not having GOD The FATHER in our lives.

This witness is the result of the power of prayer, yours and mine and the mercy of God. Let us ALL continue to pray for them and for all sinners.
Chastity brings great peace. It sets us free. May God bless all who fight the good fight. He loves each of us as though we were an only child. - blessings - Rene
What a great testimony!
thomas papineau
Thankyou for this video because i have beEN fiting over this sin weather i had it or not!! And i looked to God for help and He gave it to me i am not homosexual!!!!! MY GOD BLESS AND LOOK AFTER THE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE AFFLICTED WITH THIS SIN AND ARE FITING IT OR HAVE NOT FOUND HIM YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More