How to practise Lectio divina in 7 steps

JeanK 3
A Brief Guide to practise Lectio Divina in 7 steps. Find the eBook learn more please do visit:
Thanks Irapuato for your kind message. I hope it helps. Lectio can bring a new springtime to the Church said the Pope.Thanks Gregory for your supportive message as well. I hope you'll try it and experience its benefits.
Sad, but true, Gregory...Happy St. Joseph's Day! I just came back from a beautiful Mass in honor of St. Joseph with the Carmelite sisters, and, since I want to continue with this peace and serenity, I will log out...
An excellent video-specially for improving our spriritual life at Lent!
Thank you--we need more videos like these--which do not "appeal" to the popular masses-unfortunately....The way of the world....