The Clinton Legacy...

Pro-Lifers welcome Bill Clinton to Medford, Oregon on March 31, 2008 as he campaigns for his wife Hillary.

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At the National Holocaust Museum there is a placard that reads "Never Again". It has and is happening again this very day in the United States and throughout the "civilized world"-ABORTION-this very second. Without God "Never Again" is without possibility.
Juan Manuel Serra
Open Letter to His Majesty, the King of Spain


The letter asks His Majesty, the King of Spain, not to sign the Royal Decree by which the Regulation of the Mortuary Police pretends to be modified to not consider aborted babies as deserving a human burial, until the 7th month of pregnancy. Industrial crushing machines for aborted babies have been found in Catalonia, Spain. The worst HORROR ABORTION CLINICS IN THE WORLD. HORROR IN SPAIN, HORROR IN SPAIN. The response of the Socialist … [More]