The True Flat Earth Map

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The True Flat Earth Map - You don't live on a ball!
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Shhhhh you are going to let my secret agent squirrel persona out of the bag!
Jim Dorchak
@Immune2BS That is why you will ALWAYS ride in the back of the airplane! Hahahahahah Hahahahah
It's rather impressive that there are agents even in the Catholic sites... @Jim Dorchak Navy credentials no longer impress me!
Jim Dorchak
@CarolineA03 It is summer here in Chile but if you wait till summer where you are you can prove it to yourself.

Go to a lake or pond to go swimming. Bring a diving mask or goggles. Get in the water and find an object on the other side of the lake at the waters edge. Lower your head into the water slowly looking at the object. Now Water ALWAYS seeks what is called LEVEL or flat. As you lower … More
Jim Dorchak
I have personally seen a ball spinning 10,000 RPS in a vacuum on a magnetic flux platform stabilized with 4 geocentric gyros. So yep 1000 Mph is nothing.
@Dr Stuart Reiss What are you afraid of, did you make a pledge with a sword on your chest? Why don't try to prove or show some evidence of a ball of water spinning at a 1000 mph while sitting in a vaccum? Because you can't! People like you I have no respect for...none!
@Jim DorchakThank you Jim for your information. Would you like to look at this? Augustine Piccard is called" the first person to see the earth from his hot air balloon.."

If you go to this link and read Page 23 of Popular Science Magazine from July 1931. There is an interview with M Piccard in the article called " 10 miles high in an air tight ball" It gives an account of Mr Piccard's first … More
Jim Dorchak
@CarolineA03 Yes I have seen the video but it has been a while. You see I did a whole lot of stuff in the military that I am not permitted to speak about here (or anywhere else for that matter) that proved beyond a doubt to me that the earth is a globe.
What is even more revealing is that the things I did and saw depended on the earth being a globe. If it was not a globe then I would likely be … More
@Jim Dorchak This flat earth business has been gaining a huge amount of interest.
I watched the "200 proofs that earth is not a spinning ball" video by Eric Dubay on YOUTUBE myself. I read some reviews of it also, and those people who initially had refused to even look at the video - when they DID give in and agree to take a look at it - bit by bit they all stopped sniggering - and by the end … More
About the stupidest video I've ever seen.
Jim Dorchak
@Immune2BS Why with personal attacks? I did not resort to calling you names or insinuating your were satans friend or Hillary Clintons love child.
Look we disagree and 45,000 feet is lower than where I was working and we will leave it at that.
I am sorry, but i disagree with you.
@Jim Dorchak No Jim, not delusional... It is you that is either a Freemason yourself perpetuation the lies or you are the ignorant one. I spent 11 years traveling for a large company, and I flew every week. There is no visable curvature, the horizon always rises to your eye level, no matter how high you go. A 25,000 mile in circumference ball has detecable curvature, I have been as high as 45k … More
Jim Dorchak
I have seen the curvature of the earth with my own eyeball.
(Think edge of space stuff here ok). Not a photo. If the earth if flat what is on the other side of the coin? Tree roots? It is a ball.

Do you know what Bowditch's Navigation tables are? Have you been to an altitude where you see the curvature of the earth?

The fact is that you are ignorant in this area. Look man I am one of the most … More
@Jim Dorchak That is a Lie! There is no proof whatsoever of the Earth being a sphere/ball.
Jim Dorchak
uAs someone who navigated a Nuclear submarine using the stars, and as a commercial pilot I can tell you with all certainty that the earth is a ball, actually not a perfect sphere, but round.
Utter and complete balderdash!
That is correct
Mikolaj Kopernik is Nicklaus Copernicus
Polish "Astronomer"
Me as Pole, I apology for that crook, false scientist, and occultist
He suppose to be a priest but... he loved a woman, never become a priest
Bible is right, Galileo was wrong
why don't we read books of PhD Robert Sungenis, the geocentrist

Last time I checked he offered $100 k just for proof the Earth is a ball.