Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

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The novena ends on the Feast of: Our Lady Help of Christians - May 24…/novena-to-our-l… FIRST DAY: Hail, Star of the sea, Blessed Mother of God, ever fruitful Virgin, happy … More
NINTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

What Eve had destroyed, was created, through you, Holy Mary, once again in the Son, opening Heaven’s gate and giving refuge to the downcast.

PRAYER: O Mary, my most gracious Mother, at all times so ready to be the help of Christians, assist me with your powerful patronage throughout my life and especially at the hour of death. Grant … More
EIGHTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Glorious Lady, more brilliant than the sun, at your breast you nourished the God who created thee.

PRAYER: O Mary, the Church's spiritual pillar and Help of Christians, I beseech you to keep me firm in the Divine Faith, and safeguard in me the freedom and dignity of God's children.

For my part I promise you never to stain my soul … More
SEVENTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Praise be to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.

PRAYER: O Mary, Mother of mercy, who so often saved Christians from the plague and other bodily scourges by your powerful intercession, help them and deliver them now from the plague of impiety and irreligion, which insinuates itself in a thousand … More
SIXTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Keep our life all spotless, make our way secure till we find in Jesus, joy for evermore.

PRAYER: O Mary, Queen of the Apostles, take under thy precious protection the Sacred Ministers and all the faithful of the Catholic Church, obtain for them the spirit of unity, and fervent zeal for the salvation of souls; particularly extend … More
FIFTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

O Virgin unexcelled and most gentle, make us meek and pure and preserve us from evil.

PRAYER: Mary, beloved Mother, who showed your precious Patronage in the triumph of Pope Pius VII, extend your holy mantle over Holy Mother Church, especially over her august head, against the assaults of so many enemies; deliver him from temporal … More
FOURTH DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Show thyself our Mother by taking our voice to the One Who deigned to be born for us, from you.

PRAYER: O Mary, my most sweet Mother, you who are Queen of Martyrs, through so many heroic acts of courage and fortitude, which you performed on earth, deign to instill in my heart the necessary strength to always serve you. Help me to … More
THIRD DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Break the sinners' fetters, make our blindness day; chase from us all evils, for all blessings pray.

PRAYER: O Mary, most powerful Queen, who alone triumphed over the false doctrines that sought to take away so many children from the bosom of Holy Mother Church, help me, I beg you, to keep and preserve my faith firmly and my heart … More
SECOND DAY: Novena to Our Lady Help of Christians

Taking that sweet Ave, which from Gabriel came, peace confirm within us, changing Eve's name.

PRAYER: Mary Most Holy, Mother of goodness and mercy, who with your visible help oftentimes freed the Christian people from the assaults and barbarism of Moslems, I ask you, my Lady, to deliver my soul from the onslaughts of the world, … More