BBC interview with Rees-Mogg is bigotry

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The Conservative MP said during the interview: “I make no criticism of any of my colleagues, but do you believe in religious tolerance?” He continued: “So why do you pick on this view of the Catholic… More
The BBC is coming under fire after a journalist suggested a Conservative Member of Parliament’s Catholic belief in marriage presented a “problem” for holding his office.

During a recent interview, Jo Coburn asked if Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg could support Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is pregnant and engaged to another woman, for future leadership positions. Rees-Mogg …
As ever Mr Rees Mogg tied the interviewer in knots with his clarity of intellect
Cheers for this righteous man, she was so stupid, he made a monkey out of her babel so much so that one could easily see the horns popping out of her head. God Bless Him, St Micheal Protect him, Mother Mary watch over him and his family.