November 6 - Saint Leonard of Noblac

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Hermit, Patron of prisoners († Second half of the Sixth Century) Also known as •Leonard de Noblet •Leonard of Limoges •Leonard of Limousin •Leonardo of… •Leonhard of… •Lienard of… •Linhart of… •… More
Levels of Spiritual Warfare alexamarie I have uploaded the video here for you...
Please someone check out Fr. Ripperger on you tube. Speaking of Levels of spiritual warfare. I tried to post, don't know what I am doing:( HE said the the Litany of Saints ( New Rite) was removed regarding protection from... fornication (not sure if that is the proper words :) years ago.. It never should have been taken away. I have watched this. Please let me know what you scholars think. I am … More