This Was The Angle That Was Deleted From Facebook!

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This is the side of the story between the Covington High school students wearing MAGA hats and the Native American Nathan Phillips that you didn't see because it was deleted from Facebook.
De Profundis
Jesuit's America Magazine has an update on Covington. It claims that the full video shows Nathan Phillips “intervened” between the boys and the racist sect. It seems the Magazince wants to save their face - not the truth.
A lesson on angles (and about fake news).
The Catholic Kids did behave good under the circunstances ,The hatred came from those grown ups . the media and the holywood people ,The school and kids
Holy Cannoli
Nope this materializes.
Holy Cannoli
Regrettably, in an effort to redeem themselves, the kids will likely be accompanied by the Covington school administrators and/or diocese personnel who were only too happy to throw the boys under the bus.
Don Reto Nay
The superlative for coward and traitor is "Catholic".
Holy Cannoli
What this vid features is the role of the “Black Israelites” in the demonstration that occurred last week. The ‘Black Israelites’ are a group that most of us have not even heard of much less seen in action. However, this video dispels any notion that the Black Isarelites are anything but an agitating black mob that hates whitey.

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Don Reto Nay
I am not aware of this group however Israel has started in the 1980s to import black Africans whom it considers Jews.
Over 100,000 Ethiopians were accepted into Isreal. There were, according to reports, covert fertility interference for some of them.…/israel-gave-bir…
Here is Nathan Phillips referring to the Covington kids as a "lynch mob," which is patently absurd and slanderous based on all of the video evidence. He has continued to smear these kids even after his initial account was disproven (I'm not linking to this trash story).
God Bless these young men for standing their ground.
There is plenty of hate on display here.
The media that went after these young men for one.
The racist, class bating agenda fueling this deception for another.
The hecklers you can hear on this video for another

Why? Because they wear a hat supporting the President of The United States: Donald Trump
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Post this video everywhere
Adult protestors harass boys. Boys don’t respond. Boys, waiting for bus, begin school cheers to distract 15 feet away. Elder Phillips marches in their midst beating drum, right up to face of one student. Boys keep cheering, grow confused. Media: CATHOLIC BOYS HARASS MAN
De Profundis
It's unfortunate to see how, after the initial allegation was disproved, some commentators have been investigating the school, the kids' private lives or publishing rumour looking for ways to support a preconceived judgment about the kids' characters.
@Don Reto Nay Sie sollten schon eine Übersetzung einstellen und auch etwas kommentieren, denn sich durch die ganzen fremdsprachigen Artikel zu wühlen, ist einfach zu viel!