Disco in the Cathedral (Vienna)

De Profundis 5
On October 5, conservative charismatic organisation "Loreto" organised an evening of mercy in St Stephen Cathedral.
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The official "Catholic" Church is already free from anything Catholic since the first is now deeply rooted in Spirit Christology, just as the Charismatic Movement. Spirit Christology may be identified as the old heresy of Dynamic Monarchianism and where it is not strait forwardly anti-Trinitarian, it may be just called warmed up Nestorianism, though it's Trinity may not be called one. … More
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Ivan Tomas
They took and hold buildings, but we have a FAITH!
Hold on faithful sheep! Remain faithful. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming.
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Don Reto Nay
We have to get used to look at these buildings as former Catholic churches. There has been a second reformation and we have to accept that we Catholics lost a lot of beautiful churches.
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Evil stupidity.
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alex j
This video alone epitomises the ridiculous notion that the so called catholic charismatic movement has any basis in fact. It further illustrates a total lack of reverence for the 'setting' in which, this poor excuse for the participants to 'let down their hair' and in doing so, makes mockery of "GODS HOUSE." Shame on the Archbishop for allowing such an non-catholic event to take place.
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