Most Incredible Liturgical Abuse At A Marriage

Control your blood
Y un apostata como este impunemente sigue estafando a los fieles porque el papado ha quedado preso y no hay nadie que lo ponga en su sitio.
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Nothing like a priest putting himself before Christ and the bride and groom.
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A nice hook to the jaw may snap this flamer into reality.
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What city did this take place in?
Such a narcissistic old perv. Notice too he only hugs the groom. So much gay.
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Me thinks he is a recidivist. But as long as he does not celebrate the Latin Mass, everything is fine in the rotten Church he belongs to....
He is for sure on drugs.
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Es wird hier nicht gesagt, wo das war. Aber etwas erscheint hier hohl: Der Kopf? Das Herz? Der Glaube? Die Hoffnung? Die Liebe?
Todo de Todo.
Fr Dan
So it was a wedding and this priest made the Sacrament, the ceremony and the day ALL ABOUT HIM. this man has serious issues.
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Amen. Unreal.
They got married by a Flaming Faggot. They all clap and laugh. They are just as guilty.
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Pretty much.
If the man is in the first place...
Do not fault the couple getting married. Fault the Priest who has lost his vocation and is paving the road to hell.
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Nearly reached hell.