Bank of Italy blocked the ATM of the Vatican in order to get the Pope's resignation

That's how they got the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from January to the 11th February 2013, birthday of Our Lady of Lourdes and of the 1st Council of Vatican
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Thank you for the link. I listened once the Sensus Fidelium YT channel and the father said that Pope Benedict made a shot already in 2007 about the Mass so that's already too late for them.
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the link of where he explained this :
Garibaldi, Mazzani, Gramsci, Alta Venditta i masoneria, zwlaszcza od wieku XIX o przemoznych wplywach dazaca do likwidacji Kosciola katolickiego.
There is abundance of evidence and signs from God of the diabolic multi-level plan to force out true pope Benedict XVI. Will Churchmen complicit in the evil contribute to truth?
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