"Black and Pro-Life in America" Interview

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The Baptist pastor speaks of his pro-life beginnings and mentions Star Parker who recently joined the Catholic church.
Great interview. The gentleman, a Baptist pastor, (once a star wide receiver for Michigan State, averaging! 45 yards per reception!), was visited in jail by (then) Bishop Cordileone.
Holy Cannoli
This graphic is from 2011 but the breakdowns are still interesting.
...interesting that 0% are opposed in the case of rape/incest.
Holy Cannoli
Looking at it politically:

Black Democrats
88% pro abortion
12% pro life

Black Republicans
32% pro abortion
68% pro life

Incidentally, the 68% pro life Black Republicans is a higher % than for Catholics overall.

According to a 2016 survey by Pew Research Center, 51% of U.S. Catholics say that "having an abortion is morally wrong."… Surveys conducted by … More