EyeOnAntisemitism - A Christian preacher this afternoon was arrested at Southgate station London N14 for preaching about Jesus . @CConcern the police told him it’s because public had said he was b...

Update on the case
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Notice the thumbs up at the end, seems to be a smart a-s. What a commo!
this is a shame ,i hope a good lawyer is watching and sue these police and the government
Your heart is good but this is England, aderito. We are watching the decline of religion in the UK, first-hand. This is quasi-legal intimidation and harassment. It sends a message: do not criticize Islam. No surprise it happened in London which has a Muslim mayor.
Wish they'd arrest the muslims who for years have been peddling islam in Birmingham city centre and playing loud music. You try to discuss with them and they surround you to intimidate you.