Pope Francis is not facing the people any longer

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Pope Francis is not facing the people any longer La Fede Quotidiana has revealed a detail of Pope Francis’ new dining habits. Until the recent past, Francis used to eat in the common refectory of … More
Francis Church Out of Balance

The Italian politician Marcello Pera, an atheist supportive of the Church and a friend of Benedict XVI, has declared that the Francis Church is out of balance leaning toward secularism. Talking to the Italian newspaper La Verità, Pera stated that Francis believes that promoting political causes is the way to realize the kingdom of Christ on earth. For Pera, this is … More
Sunamis 46
Is it all just about him??
Sunamis 46
He could still move to the papal rooms
And then he must see none at dinner
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss I am reminded that here in Chile and in Argentina and Uruguay it is a GRAVE insult not to acknowledge someone else or offer / accept a greeting......... I would think that Our Holy Father the Most Merciful Pope Francis has taken this to a higher level of insult?