General Audience, People shout "Vigano, Vigano!"

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At the Wednesday General Audience people can be heard shouting "Vigano, Vigano!"
@Dr Bobus - You are confusing the praying for a REPENTANT sinner, or even a person all snared in sin- this of course is good. However, these unfaithful creatures are NOT repentant and have bee n raping Catholic young men for dekades. Also, they promote their vile ways, one of the most flagrant examples is false Fr. Martin. These are satanic enemies of our whole Church, destroying and … More
i pray for an open clean church
Dr Bobus
Joseph a' Christian

No, you're wrong. God desires that sinners be converted and saved.

Praying for someone is a good thing to do, but it's not necessarily a nice thing. Praying for a thief might mean he gets caught, which could be the best thing that happens to him. It's possible that McCarrick being exposed might actually save his soul--and that could be the result of prayer.

If McCarrick 's …
@Irish and Catholic - You are confusing a true priest who serves Christ wholeheartedly, and these homosexual frauds. A filthy homosexual never can be a true priest.
No, we do NOT pray for vile homosexual false priests, who torture our young men, weaken our Church and then preach of the qualities of homosexuals. (vile, false Fr. Martin & the who am i to judge gang) We pray for Almighty God to … More
Behind each priest, there is a demon fighting for his fall. If we have the language to criticize them. We must have twice as much to pray for them.
- St Therese ..