A Man for All Seasons - Trial (2 of 3)

The second part of the trial scene from the 1966 movie "A Man for All Seasons". Thomas More is on trial because he would not take the Oath of Supremacy recognizing Henry VIII as the Supreme Governor … More

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Holy Cannoli
Cuomo, as is the case with most Democrat politicians, is interested in what is most politically expedient for their careers. They have sold their souls to the pro-aborts and the sodomites for this very reason. It has nothing to do with core values since these kinds of men have no core values. Their motivation is what kind of legislation is more likely to keep them in office. For, Cuomo, it is … More
Holy Cannoli
A Man For All Seasons is one of my favorite movies and this is a great clip. Here's another great quote.

Although it is the law that eventually forces More's execution, the play also makes several powerful statements in support of the rule of law. At one point More's future son-in-law, Roper, urges him to arrest Richard Rich, whose perjury will eventually lead to More's execution. More answers … More
Rockford pro-life
Gov Cuomo, it profits a man nothing to gain the world and lose his soul...........for gay marriage?