Muslim Demographics

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"Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims." [youtube] More
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OMMGGGGGGGGG I'm French, and i can tell you thats all you can see on this video are false.

1) -French's laws don't agree ethnic (+religions etc) percentage. I don't know how can they say thing like "30% of people under 20 are muslim" . Just lie

2) - More mosquee than church ? LOOOOOOOL , Best joke ever ! Come into Paris, or Marseille, or all the 30.000 other city and u will see !

3) - French … More
@charisma - Iam sure your demographic expert firend forgot to take into consideration the count of all those illegal muslim immigrants
A friend of mine (demographic expert) stated that figures published in this short video are false: Christian data are slightly under-, Moslim data are slightly over-represented. The result is clear. Unfortunately the tendency is still real and shocking.