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Dio mio - ma che cosa avete fatto al buon Dio che fa nevicare persino a metà Maggio????

o forse c'è qualcuno che non ha finito il suo piatto? Peròòòò dipende dalla cuoca se è giustificabile o meno
Ricardo Silva

Full snow in spring?
that to me is a miracle
very good, is beautiful
The best reward for a mother is to know that her children make an effort to do something for the Glory of God.
Thank You, holyrope.
Blessings to all mothers
This prooves:
there is no global warming!
Ach ist das schön!
holyrope 3
Hello Doina's mother! We love your daughter, she does great work in spreading our wonderful faith, as all the crew at Gloriatv! [More]
holyrope 3
Doina, you look like your Mother
Holy Cannoli

I am at your service.

No one would deny the music genius of Vivaldi his work withstanding the test of time. However, probably as a result of my ethnic heritage
(read: appassionato Siciliano), an affectionate boy/girl musical story appeals to me even more.
Cannoli, for the next video I must consider taking you as a music assistant
Sehr schön Doina
Warnung von Klimaforschern:

Wenn die Klimaerwärmung so weiter geht, könnte es sein, dass die in Sedrun schon in wenigen Jahrzehnten im Juni keinen Schnee mehr haben!!!
Don Henri
I guessed that lady waving at the window is Mrs. Buzut: the really looks like her daughters!
Holy Cannoli
Snow in May? No problem.

Shake the snow off the flowers, come in and light the fireplace, put on some nice music (perhaps a Bocelli CD), and enjoy a hot Cafe Amaretto. It doesn't get much better than that.
This is my mother. She is visiting us now.
The painting is of St. George. I think it is from the 16th century.
holyrope 3
Oh my goodness!! Look at that snow! Beautiful Switzerland! The lilacs! Doina, who was that lady waving out the window? And is that a painting on the side wall of the steeple?