The wind takes Francis' zucchetto

Seidenspinner 6
Pope Francis shares a laugh with the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square as his zucchetto is taken by a gust of wind. Then he said that Christian lives must be rooted in Christ and nourished by … More
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Sunamis 46
Maybe he should take his hat (zucchetto. Ahh that word reminds me of zucchini i guess because of the zucch) and go
Dr Reiss - you should be on the stage!
De Profundis
Viganò will stay as 'assessor' [what's that?]. It indicates that Francis retains confidence in Viganò, who understands Francis' vision for the reform of Vatican Media.
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I had no idea his zucchetto doubled as a frisbee! THIS! is "Evangelization: New in method"!
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